Louie CK


PASADENA, Ca. — “The most fearless originals are on FX.” That tag line played Friday morning at the end of an FX clip reel heading into CEO John Landgraf’s executive session. It certainly applies to FX programming, but it also sends a message Landgraf was careful to plant before reporters:  the notion that in the

Jim Gaffigan says he’s proud to be doing the TV show he wants to do, which must be why he named it The Jim Gaffigan Show. The one-camera comedy stars Gaffigan as Gaffigan, a stand-up comedian who lives in New York with his wife and five children. Aside from the pilot (premiering Tuesday night at

It’s the end of a brilliant episode of Louie–an early gem which in many ways foreshadowed the most recent season. Louie CK and Robin Williams are leaving a strip club. They were drawn there after the death of Barney, a comedy club owner who used to be a regular. Seems he was always ripping off

TV legends Norman Lear and Rob Reiner do Nixon and Haldeman BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.–TV’s top stars and showrunners turn up year after year at the Television Critics Association Awards–and they don’t come for the hardware.It happened again Saturday as one A-lister after another took the stage at the Beverly Hilton ballroom to accept whats Louis