Mark Pedowitz


Good news out of LA today for Vancouver: The CW has just renewed a whack of B.C.-based shows. Supernatural (returning for a 15th season next fall), Arrow (Season 8), The Flash (Season 6), DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (Season 5), Supergirl (also 5) and Riverdale (Season 4) and new series Charmed (renewed for a second season)

PASADENA, CA–Mark Pedowitz, president of The CW, just keeps raiding Canada for content. In TV terms, The CW could stand for The Canadian Warehouse.Pedowitz announced Wednesday at press tour that Seed, the Halifax-based comedy airing in Canada on City, will enjoy a summer run on his network. Pedowitz sees it as a good summer fit

Seeders (l-r) Adam Koson, William Ainscough and Carrie-Lynn Neales Mark Pedowitz, entertainment president of The CW, hinted at the summer press tour that his weblet was trying to get funnier. The success this summer of Whose Line is it Anyway? gave the network, in Pedowitz’s words, a “strategic piece” of comedy. Yes, he said, after

BEVERLY HILLS, CA–The president of The CW has no idea why The L.A. Complex is not drawing more viewers.Mark Pedowitz says he loves the Toronto-produced serial and plans to air all 13 season two episodes, even though last Tuesdays hit a new low of 390,000 overnight, estimated viewers in the United States. The same episode