Monty Hall


Tonight marks the final appearance of pat Sajak as host of the Wheel of Fortune. The 77-year-old entertainer is leaving after 41 seasons and over 9000 shows. That is a lot of spinning, and Sajak, who has had some helath problems in recent years, has opted to step away from one of the cushiest jobs

It’s been 54 years since Monty Hall first started asking people if they wanted what was behind Door No. 1, Door No. 2 or Door No. 3. Unfortunately, he won’t be giving us that option anymore. Hall died Saturday at his home in Beverly Hills, was 96. I last spoke with the proud Winnipeg native and game

Wayne Brady, Monty Hall and Carol Merrill. Monty Brinton/CBS On Friday, Monty Hall returns to Let’s Make a Deal to celebrate the game  show’s 50th anniversary. I had an opportunity to speak with him Wednesday and it was a great deal for me. I love speaking with TV pioneers, they always have the best stories