Niagara Falls


Here’s a surprise — James Cameron hosts the new AMC documentary series Visionairies: James Cameron’s story of Science Fiction. They could have asked my Grade 12 Science teacher to host it, or Larry King, but no, they got Cameron. Smart movie, AMC. The six-part series premieres Monday night at 10 p.m. ET/PT on AMC. The

Here’s a shocker—a guy walking on a wire across Niagara Falls beat the final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs as the most-watched program of the week in Canada. Leafs should check to see if he can play goal. Otherwise a week full of Euro Cup soccer, NBA finals and Jays baseball booted reruns in

Wallenda practices Thursday untethered and alive. Ida Mae Astute/ABC This week, Scott Thompson at CHML wanted to know if I thought Nik Wallenda will be a bit hit on TV Friday night as he walks across Niagara Falls. “Is this Harry Houdini TV come back to us?” asks Scott.My take is that this is silly

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson wanted to know all about this nut bar Nik Wallenda and his bright idea to walk across Niagara Falls on a tightrope. Specifically what the deal was with ABC insisting the dude be tethered to the cable as a condition of their airing the stunt (June 15; CTV is also