Here’s a shocker—a guy walking on a wire across Niagara Falls beat the final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs as the most-watched program of the week in Canada. Leafs should check to see if he can play goal.
Otherwise a week full of Euro Cup soccer, NBA finals and Jays baseball booted reruns in the ratings. Canadian-made fare like The Listener, Saving Hope and Continuum thrived. Finally, the MMVAs kept a lot of 13 year old girls off the streets.
Here’s how all it all played out across Canada in prime time among adults 2+ the week of June 11 to 18 according to overnight estimates:
The Stanley Cup finals drew to a close with 3,133,000 CBC viewers catching the Kings wrapping this sucker up in six. Up close to a million from one Monday earlier.
City kept things cookin’ with Hell’s Kitchen (895,000), two reruns of Rules of Engagement (146,000, 100,000) and cable pickup Shameless(117,000).
CTV had reruns of Mike & Molly (772,000) and Two and a Half Men (596,000) then s new episode of Masterchef (1,274,000). A rerun of Castle drew 968,000 at 10.
Global opened with Psych (484,000) followed by reruns of House (391,000) and Hawaii FIVE-0 (581,000).
Beating most everything on the broadcasters was the third and final episode of Hatfields & McCoys on History, where 795,000 tuned in at 8.
The TSN soccer scores: France& England709,000, Ukraine& Sweden578,000.
Jays/Nats batted 463,000 on Sportsnet.
CTV Two had nothing. Big show on Discovery was River Monsters (330,000).
WWE Raw bodyslammed 260,000 on Score.
Twiggy the waterskiing squirrel proves America’s Got Talent
Hockey over, CBC re-ran the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert from one week earlier and found 438,000 to sit through it twice. No big boost to The National this time (700,000).
Global did well as usual with reruns of NCIS (1,027,000) plus NCIS: Los Angeles (1,103,000). Canada Singsfollowed at 10 (446,000).
America’s Got Talent (1,198,000) continues to pull them in at City. And what’s with this summer appetite for cooking shows? Hell’s Kitchen fed 1,027,000 at 8. City then borrowed back-to-back Louie from their FX stash and got squat (152,000, 73,000).
CTV had the third season premiere of Hot in Cleveland (861,000) followed by their debut of what I thought was a pretty good little NBC burn off, Bent (516,000). Mastercheffollowed at 9 (1,301,000) leading into Love in the Wild (965,000).
Criminal Minds (284,000) was the big draw on CTV Two, in summer shut down mode with a rerun of Kramer vs. Kramer (90,000).
The Blue Jays were on deck at Sportsnet, pulling 594,000 against the Nationals. TSN soccer scores: Greece& Czech 412,000, Poland& Russia588,000. The evening final of the Miami/Oakland NBA playoff tilt drew 392,000.
Pawn Stars fetched 424,000 and 400,000 on History. Deadliest Catch hooked 392,000 on Discovery. Pretty Little Liars seduced 213,000 on MuchMusic.
CTV saw So You Think You Can Dancewaltz off with 1,390,000 viewers over two hours. The Listener slipped slightly to 998,000 in the overnights.
The new, U.S.cable reboot of Dallasdrew 655,000 out of the gate on Bravo. How long till “Who Re-shot J.R.?”
Hockey over, the Queen milked for all she’s worth, it was back to the cupboard for CBC. Ron James did surprisingly well for a random Wednesday night, drawing 635,000 for his “Back Home” comedy special. Doyle repeated to 381,000.
Global trotted out Dogs in the City (591,000) followed by The Office (144,000) and a 90-minute, “Party Songs” edition of Duets (469,000).                       
City stuck with The Middle (162,000), Suburgatory (223,000) and Modern Family (310,000). Rules of Engagement slid in at 9:30 (228,000) followed by a second new episode of Murdoch Mysteries (319,000).
CTV Two went Flashpoint (239,000), Criminal Minds (515,000), CSI (469,000). History scared 556,000 with Swamp People. TSN soccer scores: Denmark & Portugal500,000, Netherlands& Germany608,000. The late CFL pre-season football scores on TSN: Toronto/Hamilton 336,000, Sask/B.C. 437,000.
The Real Housewives of Vancouver drew 141,000 at 10 p.m.on Slice.
CTV reran The Big Bang Theorythree times in a row counting the 7:30 slot (1,472,000, 1,761,000, 1,684,000). The new shot-in-Toronto hospital drama Saving Hope gained 80,000 viewers in its second week (1,601,000). The Mentalistdid 1,403,000 at 10, although he already knew that.
Global showed The Incredible Hulk to 718,000 fans. All but 188,000 left when The Office aired at 10:30.
City repeated America’s Got Talent (513,000) then ran Person of Interest (527,000) followed by two U.S. sitcom repeats.
It only took a week for CTV to bounce Take Me Out over to CTV Two (253,000). The Choice followed (271,000).
CBC stuck with warmed over Nature of Things (292,000) and Doc Zone (212,000).
TSN’s daily soccer scores: Italy/Croatia 518,000, Spain/Ireland 498,000. The evening NBA finals drew 473,000.
House of Bryan was open to 316,000 and 360,000 on HGTV. SpongeBob soaked up 366,000 on YTV.
Nik Wallenda walking across Niagara Falls drew a record 3,888,000 as CTV’s simulcast of Megastunts set a modern ratings record in Canada for a Friday night special. The hour-long “countdown” shows drew an estimated 1,547,000.
CBC’s odd “Rejected Shows” theme night did about what you’d expect:Insecurity (136,000), Little Mosque(113,000) and Michael Tuesdays(57,000).
Global had The Glee Project (279,000) followed by Bones (524,000) and specialty call up Lost Girl (176,000).
CTV Two went with Shark Tank (359,000). City reran Murdoch Mysteries (279,000). Family channel did very well with back-to-back A.N.T. Farm (336,000, 354,000) followed by Let it Shine (477,000).
Jays batted 594,000 on Sportsnet. TSN’s daily soccer scores: Ukraine/France 479,000, Sweden/England 731,000. The second round of the U.S. Open shot a 463,000.
No hockey. Canadagrinds to a halt.
The Firm did 349,000 Saturday night at 10 on Global, with a SNL repeat pulling 303,000.
City aired THREE MORE Murdoch Mysteries episodes (197,000, 192,000 and 193,000 viewers).
A Czech/Poland soccer match drew 592,000 on TSN, where round three of the U.S. Open scored 507,000. The Blue Jays drew 530,000 on Sportsnet.
Soccer was the top draw once again in Canada on a Sunday, with an estimated 927,000 tuning in to see Portugalvs.  The Netherlandson TSN. B-ball playoff action shot 316,000 on TSN, while the final round of the U.S. Open shot a 243,000 as Tiger faded.
Jays batted 703,000 against the Phillies on Sportsnet.
The annual MuchMusic Video Awards drew 699,000, with another 376,000 tuning in for the red carpet pre-show. This seemed to steal viewers from the new shot-in-Vancouver sci-fi cop series Continuum, which dropped from 531,000 to 389,000 in its fourth week on Showcase.
CTV was a shadow of its usual powerhouse Sunday self with reruns of Law & Order SVU (536,000), Saving Hope (377,000) and CSI (635,000).
Global stuck with cartoon comedies The Simpsons (685,000), Bob’s Burgers (377,000), Family Guy (485,000) and American Dad (407,000).
CBC reran Heartland (310,000) and then the movie Wild Hogs (816,000).
A War of 1812 special was a hit on History (420,000). Mythbustersexploded to 338,000 on Discovery.
Bravo saw 127,000 turn up for an hour and 15-minute episode of The Borgias.



  1. At every opportunity, I watched the NBC telecast of these NHL playoffs. (And I’m a Toronto boy duly told, decade after decade, that our Maple Leafs are pro hockey’s greatest organization…)
    It would interesting to see the nationwide NBC vs. CBC comparison.

  2. I have a question. Was the 243, 000 for the final round of the US Open for the broadcast on TSN2 or TSN? I think TSN had an hour or two in the afternoon, but most of the final round was on TSN2.

    I’m also interested in how Germany vs. Holland Euro 2012 did on CTV Sunday afternoon. Surely had almost as good ratings as their primetime schedule?

  3. I’m also interested in how the other two euro matches did. Russia/Greece on TSN2 on Saturday June 16 and Germany/Denmark on CTV Sunday June 17. I agree that rating should be almost as good as primetime.

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