Regis Philbin


I tried, I really tried to pay tribute to Regis Philbin Saturday on CTV News Channel. Between me being at a remote, Internet-challenged cottage and some snafus back at the studio in Toronto, however, it just wouldn’t happen. What we finally had to settle for was me filing my comments over the phone. That’s how

This time of year, everybody who does what I do for a living types up their end of the year highlights. The best & worst of 2011, all tied up with a bow. Mine popped up in several newspapers and web sites after hitting the wire last week for The Canadian Press.I topped my take

Friday morning at 9 a.m., Regis Philbin takes his final bow on Live! with Regis and Kelly. It has been a week-long love-in for Reege with salutes from his favourite guest, Don Rickles, former co-host Katie Lee Gifford, vice president Joe Biden and his No. 1 fan David Letterman.Letterman stopped by the Live! set Wednesday

This week, Scott Thompson at CHML asks about my ol’ pal  Regis Philbin. Why is he leaving Live? Who is going to replace him? Will daytime TV ever be the same?I put in a request to interview Philbin last July when I was in New York but the word back was he felt it was