Riaz Meghji


VANCOUVER–While on the Left Coast this week, I paid a visit to my old pal Riaz Meghji, co-host of B.C.’s Breakfast Television. I appeared on his morning show Friday’s to yak about Sunday’s 65th Primetime Emmy Awards. Let that sink in; they’ve been handing out the pointy-winged lady statues since 1949. Who hosted that first

Cast members applaud the creative team at the end of Friday’s taping VANCOUVER–Four-camera sitcom tapings can sometimes be a bit of an endurance test for studio audiences. You go in thinking you’ll whiz through a live taping of a half-hour sitcom. Five or six hours later, you swear you’ll never watch television again.This was definitely

The mighty Dr. Strangelove rocked the Roxy Thursday night VANCOUVER–These TV folks out here in Vancouver are at it morning, noon and nightclub.I’m in Vancouver as a guest of Rogers to interview the cast of Package Deal, a new three-camera comedy coming to City stations in the spring. Randal Edwards (The Killing), the one-and-only Harland