Shout Factory


Hey, Daddy-O. The latest TV time capsule from Shout! Factory has arrived: The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: The Complete Series. The 20-DVD box set contains all 147 episodes from the 1959-’63 series, plus some bonus goodies. Dobie seems more ‘50s than ‘60s. If it was on my radar at all as a kid it

Maharis (left) and Milner in that classic Corvette George Maharis rode Route 66 in search of fame and fortune. Instead it led straight to hell.I spoke with Maharis last week on the phone as he made himself available to promote the release of Route 66: The Complete Series, a 24 disc boxed set from Shout!

Looking for some last minute Christmas gifts for the TV fan in your family? I offered several suggestions, mainly DVD box sets and books, in a story for The Canadian Press this week. You can read that entire story here.Among the DVD sets I single out is Shout Factory’s Mr Magoo–The Television Collection (1960-1977). The nearsighted cartoon