The Forest Rangers


You could not cover television in Canada for the past 40 years without encountering the great Gordon Pinsent. Thank God. Pinsent, who died in his sleep Feb. 25 at 92, was a towering figure in film and television. In his native Newfoundland, he was much more than that. I was out in St. John’s, Nfld.,

Dome‘s Rachel Lefevre. Michael Tackett/CBS This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson wanted to know why I was heading to North Carolina. I’m en route to the set of Under the Dome, a cool new thriller premiering Monday at 10/9c on CBS/Global. Based on a Stephen King novel and with Steven Spielberg among the executive producers, the

Mountie Pinsent (centre) and The Forest Rangers There’s something about childhood memories and cherished TV shows that can turn adults back into six year olds.I had just such a Cocoon moment Saturday in Kleinberg, Ont., home of the Cinespace Film Studio.This very off-the-beaten track production centre is tucked into a valley in the woods off