Dome‘s Rachel Lefevre. Michael Tackett/CBS

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson wanted to know why I was heading to North Carolina. I’m en route to the set of Under the Dome, a cool new thriller premiering Monday at 10/9c on CBS/Global. Based on a Stephen King novel and with Steven Spielberg among the executive producers, the summer series is about a small town in Middle America that suddenly, for no apparent reason, is sealed off from the rest of the world by a giant, invisible dome.
They tried this with Brampton but Susan (“Canada’s highest paid mayor”)  Fennel wanted to impose a hefty “dome” tax.
Among the ensemble is Rachelle Lefevre, a Montreal native who has been on a few other shows (still miss Life on a Stick) as well as two of the Twilight movies. She of the fabulous red locks plays the editor of the small town newspaper. There’s a joke about newspapers early in the pilot which is less “ha ha” funny if you work in the newspaper business. Otherwise the pilot is pretty darn intriguing, as you’d expect from Stephen and Steven. Dean Norris, fresh off Breaking Bad, sinks his teeth into the role of the town’s sneaky sheriff.
WARNING: Farmers and beef eaters may wince at the moment of impact when the dome slams into the earth. The special effects are udderly eye popping.
Scott and I also discuss my sweet trip back in time last Saturday with the kids from The Forest Rangers, the so-so Stanley Cup final ratings (Monday’s tight third game between Boston and Chicago drew 2,536,000 CBC viewers in overnight estimates) and a bunch of udder stuff. (Holy cow, two udder jokes.) You can listen in to all the radio chit chat here.

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