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Not many people saw The Big Bang Theory coming. It was dismissed as a show about nerds when it premiered nine years and several billion dollars ago. It wasn’t an instant smash hit; people had to find it and come ’round to it. CBC can only hope to have a fraction of Big Bang‘s success

Kolton Stewart sits in the big Muppet chair on Some Assembly Required  With so many new shows premiering this busy month of January here’s one for the kids: Some Assembly Required. It premieres tonight at 6:30 p.m. on YTV. The comedy, from Thunderbird Films, is another one of these live studio audience shows suddenly the

Hold onto your chess pieces, fans. Sources close to the short-lived Canadian drama Endgame say the series may be coming back.Endgame, starring Shawn Doyle (right) as a Russian chess grand master-turned Vancouver detective, has been out of production for about a year. Low ratings were cited for the cancellation by Showcase. The sets have long