MON., JUNE 1 Iconic: TLC (The CW). Jordin Sparks hosts this salute to the female music group TLC. Four contemporary artists will be showcased from home covering TLC’s greatest hits. Surviving bandmembers will then select one to perform a final number. Based on a Korean TV format. TUES., JUNE 2 Dirty John: The Betty Broderick

See this person in the middle, above? She Who Must Not be Mentioned keeps getting reality TV shows. Why, I don’t know. Her claim to fame is that she gave birth to eight children, put them through a circus or four on television and further exploited herself and her family though a drawn out and

As I head off today to my dad’s funeral, this timely alert comes from the bottom feeders of North American television, TLC: tonight marks the debut of Best Funeral Ever, featuring the Dallas-based Golden Gate Funeral Home “as they honor and celebrate the dearly dePARTIED with three very unique home-going services.”This is not something made