As I head off today to my dad’s funeral, this timely alert comes from the bottom feeders of North American television, TLC: tonight marks the debut of Best Funeral Ever, featuring the Dallas-based Golden Gate Funeral Home “as they honor and celebrate the dearly dePARTIED with three very unique home-going services.”
This is not something made up by The Onion. This is where television is headed, folks–a reality show about death.
The series supposedly celebrates:

  • The death of a man who cherished the holiday season is sent off with a Christmas-inspired funeral, complete with reindeer, alpacas, elves and snow.
  • A man whose disability prevented him from riding roller coaster is honored with a State-Fair-themed home-going ceremony and spends his last day on earth enjoying the rides, games and attractions.
  • A former doo-wop singer known for his famous rib sauce jingle is remembered at a barbecue-themed home-going service.  His family celebrates his life among live pigs, praise dancers, and a barbecue sauce fountain in which loved ones dip a ceremonious rib to say goodbye.  

I’m just glad my dad didn’t live to see it. The series kicks off Sunday, January 6th at 10/9c. Me, I’m already headed to the Best Funeral Ever.

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