Once my head clears from what has been an emotional week, I’ll have tons to share about a favourite series that comes back tonight for a fourth CBC season: The Republic of Doyle. I was in St. John’s late last year as Allan Hawco and the rest of the cast were putting the final touches on this season. Look for Jake Doyle to get up to all sorts of new mischief, plus an arresting, season-long storyline featuring Krystin Pellerin (Leslie Bennett). There will be a number of surprise guest stars this season, too. And what of young Des (Mark O’Brien), is he really as goner? And can they put that Pontiac GTO back together again??
This fun detective thriller was borne out of young Hawco sitting on the sofa with his dad, where the two of them bonded over Rockford Files. Anything to do with fathers and sons is going to get a lot of play from me this season.
Tune in Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET as Republic of Doyle moves to a new night and time, right after a fresh episode of Dragon’s Den.

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