One of Red Green’s favourite sayings is, “If the ladies don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”

Steve Smith may be the handiest fella ever in the history of Canadian television. Inspired by that ol’ TV fishin’ pal Red Fisher, Smith crafted Red Green out of duct tape and suspenders. 

The Red Green Show had humble beginnings out of Hamilton, Ont.’s CHCH, eventually airing 300 episodes over 16 seasons stretched across five different stations and networks, including CBC and 100 PBS affiliates in the U.S.

Smith used to appear on PBS pledge breaks and say, “If you like our show, send a little money. If you don’t like it, send lots of money so they can afford something better.”

Now 78, inductee Smith returns to Hamilton Feb. 23 in a live tribute show as part of the week-long Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame festivities. See him in person along with his Red Green co-stars Patrick McKenna (nephew Harold), Peter Keleghan and Jeff Lumby as well as comedy road warrior Ron James.

Catch up with Smith first as my guest on a fun episode of the podcast. To listen, simply click on the white arrow inside the blue dot above. And keep your stick on the ice!


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