I had so much fun this week zooming with Karen Robinson, who lays down the law on the new Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent.

“Toronto is its own character in the show,” says Robinson, who loves that the city is representing itself for a change instead of somewhere else. “This is about us.”

The Canadian Screen Award winner plays Inspector Vivienne Holness on this latest extension of the L&O franchise, which also stars Aden Young and Kathleen Munroe and the lead police detectives. Toronto’s K.C. Collins plays a deputy crown attorney (and, no, don’t call him a district attorney, Yankee.)

Robinson played a zanier cop shop boss on another series on which Tassie Cameron was an executive producer and showrunner, Pretty Hard Cases. If she had to count all the police characters she has played on TV over the years, well, “it’s been a lot.”

Robinson came with her family from Jamaica at 16, moving first to Alberta where she studied under the late-great theatre showman Robin Phillips. She credits the Stratford Theatre showman as her most-influencial acting coach. Robinson has since shone in everything from Slings and Arrows to Schitt’s Creek.

Feel her joy and energy in this spirited conversation. To listen in, simply click on the white arrow in the blue dot, above. Then check her out on Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent Thursday nights on Citytv.


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