This week on the podcast — Dave Thomas pays tribute to his late, great writer-producer-performer friend, Joe Flaherty.

Thomas and Flaherty produced SCTV in its second season, taking their cue from original (sort of) showrunner Harold Ramis and putting more of a spotlight on the cast’s ability to morph into famous celebrities. They also had an uncanny way of mashing together good and bad films with, well, Fantasy Island.

Around the well-stocked SCTV writing table (l-r): Flaherty, Thomas (standing), John Candy and Eugene Levy

Thomas talks about how the sound of Flaherty’s voice just always made you ready to laugh. Then there was that season when the pressure of cranking out sketches while holed up in Edmonton got so intense he simply took off (eh) and left for Italy. Every member of the SCTV cast left early or came late to the party but Flaherty, over the entire six season run, was the first one in and the last one out.

Flaherty passed away April 1 at 82 after a short illness. These sketch artists were all so tight and so talented and I thank Thomas again for sharing these memories so generously in such a tender time.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will kiss one hour goodbye but you will not find a better use of your time. Plus Thomas speculates on whether or not that Scorsese documentary will ever see the light of day. Tell it like it is, Bill Needle!

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