Brian Williams Meets Brian Williams

It happened early Monday on CTV`s Olympic Morning, as NBC News anchor Brian Williams paid a visit to Canadian Olympic host Brian Williams at the giant international broadcast consortium studios in Vancouver.
“Your fake fireplace looks a lot like Bob Costas‘ fake fireplace,” NBC Williams quips to CTV Williams. Watch the entire meeting here at
The American Williams, 50, originally from Elmira, N.Y., is the most-watched news anchor in the U.S. with an average audience of 11 million viewers a night. He loves to poke fun at his lofty news anchor image, guesting earlier this month on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to Slow Jam the news.
The two men–who seem to share the same tailor–had never met before in person although Canadian Williams says they’ve exchanged phone calls and emails over the years. Both are about as friendly and genial as anybody you could meet in this business.
Williams predecessor as anchor at NBC News, Tom Brokaw, presented a moving and inspirational segment on Canadian-American relations back on the first day of NBC’s Olympic coverage. “If you’re in a fight, you want the Canadians on your side,” says Brokaw. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is embedded below. Quite the Valentine from the nation busy owning our podium.

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