Clark Gregg in “Lola,” the vintage ‘vette featured on Agents of SHIELD

S.H.I.E.L.D. took round one over NCIS in Canada in Tuesdays battle of the acronyms.
Head-to-head at 8 p.m., among viewers 2+, CTV’s Agents of SHIELD (2,706,000) beat Global’s NCIS (2,593,000). That’s in overnights; once all the Live+7 heads are counted, it could tilt the other way depending on how many people watched SHIELD but PVR’d NCIS or vice versa.
In the demo advertisers covet, 18-49, it wasn’t close. SHIELD beat NCIS two-to-one in Canada. NCIS tends to skew older, with 60 being the average age of U.S. viewers who watch on CBS.
Speaking of which, it was a much different story in the U.S. CBS’s NCIS (20.02 million viewers) trounced ABC’s SHIELD (12.02M) in overnight viewers, although SHIELD won there, too, in A18-49 with a 14 share vs. an 11 share.
“Good sampling for SHIELD and no dent in NCIS,” tweeted TV Media Insight’s Marc Berman, who predicted earlier that two big hits airing opposite one another on the same night would only support the notion that the broadcasters still offer the largest available platform. “There is plenty of room,” says Marc.
Not that you’d know if by reading the hyperventilating press releases spewing forth from the networks.

“From Level 7 to #1: MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Makes Heroic Debut on CTV with 2.7 Million Viewers,” screamed CTV. “Super audience lands MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. in the record books as biggest fall series premiere since 2004.”

Global’s release was just as giddy: 

NCIS and NCIS: LA continue to dominate Tuesday nights.”

Both networks claimed they won Tuesday night. Here’s how it really played out in the overnights:
GLOBAL: NCIS 2,593,000; NCIS:LA, 2,220,000 and Chicago Fire, 1,109,000.
CTV: SHIELD, 2,706,000; The Goldbergs, 1,271,000; Trophy Wife 1,167,000 and Person of Interest, 1,604,000.
CTVTwo pulled another 883,000 with The Voice Tuesday. 
Meanwhile, City’s Tuesday night comedies got run over by all the drama heat on the other networks. According to overnight estimates, the horrible new Seth MacFarlane comedy Dads did 407,000 followed by Brooklyn Nine-Nine (352,000), New Girl (332,000), The Mindy Project (316,000) and the imported but shot-in-Toronto drama Lucky 7 (358,000).All of those shows also opened soft in America, pulling around 4 million viewers or less.
Spader scores with The Blacklist
Monday night belonged to Global in Canada with the new James Spader 10 p.m. drama The Blacklist (1,935,000) beating CTV’s new imported 10 p.m. drama Hostages (1,209,000).
Bones (1,753,000) and the second episode of Sleepy Hollow (1,423,000) kept Global strong on Mondays. CTV opened with The Voice (1,757,000) followed by the new Toni Collette drama Hostages (1,209,000).
City had a monster night Monday and had to be cheered by the strong debut of  its new comedy import Mom (1,050,000). How I Met Your Mother (1,145,000) and 2 Broke Girls (1,160,000) both returned stronger than ever in the overnights.Project Guatemala at 10 appealed to just 115,000 viewers.
CTVTwo’s Dancing with the Stars waltzed off with 928,000 viewers Monday.
CBC is still in rerun mode this week with most of their premieres arriving next week.

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