This whole deal with The Pagan Christ (see above) got me wondering: If CBC can present a show in December that basically argues that the Son of God is a fake, what kind of effect will this have on future Christmas specials? Especially during these Godless, Hollywood strike battered season? Thanks for asking:
Larry King of the Jews Live
CNN, 8 p.m.
King interviews Moses and the two former school mates reminisce about old times.
Dancing With The Pharisees
ABC, 8 p.m.
Marie Osmond is stoned to death after failing to show sufficient humility in defeat. Host: Tom Bergeron.

Two and a Half Mennonites
CBS, 9 p.m.
Two rural pacificsts attempt to pick up women though abstinance and the wearing of black clothes. Tonight: Charlie’s barn raising fails to impress some local skanks.

The Amazing Race
CTV, 8 p.m.
After a challenge detour causes a mix up at the airport, the Jews return to the promised land. [End of series.]

Dr. Phillistine Prime Time Special
9 p.m.
Dr. Phillistine is his usual intollerant self after meeting with various warring couples, accusing them of being “Bohemian wing nuts.”

Victoria’s Bible Secrets
Fox, 9 p.m.
Explained: just how Moses was able to tie his ass to a tree and walk 40 miles.


Ugly Bathsheba
City-TV, 9 p.m.
Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam, the wife of Uriah and the mother of Solomon, tries to sqeeze into a pair of low-rise jeans while wearing a poncho. Get thee to a stylist!

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