Gas has finally gone down in recent weeks. No, not at the pump (although why not? The barrel price keeps dropping). I’m talking ratings for CTV’s soon-to-depart sitcom Corner Gas.
A new episode scored 782,000 Total CTV viewers this Monday night according to BBM/NMR overnight estimates.
That would make Monday’s episode the first original to miss that million mark in the series’ six year history.
Bouncing Gas back and forth between 8 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. hasn’t helped this season. Announcing it is over may have affected the total too. Not that long ago, Corner Gas was the highest rated sitcom–American or Canadian–on Canadian TV. Monday it lost a fat chunk off it`s Two and a Half Men lead (1,162,000 in the BBM “commercial” tally; slightly higher in the CTV “total”).
The big winner Monday night was a red hot House at 8, with Global scoring 2,421,000 viewers thanks to the cranky MD. They saw another fine episode, especially the final minutes, with Hugh Laurie providing a sweet piano accompaniment to scenes of love and tenderness on the Cuddy and Thirteen front.
Across Canada, House hammered CTV’s CBS comedies Big Bang Theory (612,000) and Gary Unmarried (329,000+).
Global has a big night overall, with 24 pulling 1,223,000 at 9 following House. Heroes at 10 sank to 577,000 viewers against a repeat of CSI: Miami on CTV (1,224,000+).
CBC had a typical Monday with Little Mosque (616,000), Sophie (286,000) and Just for Laughs (482,000) all dropping off after Jeopardy! (940,000).
Siphoning off Gas viewers Monday night is City-TV’s suddenly hot again The Bachelor. It finished second to 24 in the Toronto market at 9:30 with 289,000 viewers, well ahead of Corner Gas‘s “commercial” Toronto total of 127,000.


  1. Why doesn’t any station time-shift How I Met Your Mother? Funniest thing on Monday night.

    Friends recommended The Big Bang Theory. Now I’m looking for new friends (kidding).

  2. E shows How I Met Your Mother in the greater Toronto area. It pulled 78,000 viewers on E/CHCH Monday. Compare it to Rules of Engagement on E at 9 (13,000), that’s not bad. Plus thousands more watch it on the Buffalo affiliate.

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