On this week’s touchy-feely episode, the remaining castaways got to welcome back an old, cherished friend. Yes, a product placement sponsor. It was some sort of phone gizmo, so nourishing on a game like Survivor. You could use it to text “OMG! Colby is SSINF! LOL!”
This was also the show where loved ones are flown out to give the show an “Awww” moment. Turns out the Russell, perhaps not surprisingly, is married to Helena Guergis. The poor girl obviously has no idea he is such a villain. Colby seemed thrilled to see his big brother. That’s going to be a fun Thanksgiving at the Donaldson house. “Pass the salt YOU IDIOT!!” With Satan out of town, Parvati hired somebody to play her dad. Rupert showed he is genuinely crazy about his missus. Sandra’s reunion was the most touching, a hug from a favourite uncle who tended to her dying mom. Jerri, who suddenly has the eye of the tiger, won the gizmo challenge and got to take Parvati and Sandra and their kin on her island burger date.
Sandra’s sweet uncle encounter was not her steal this show moment. That came when Russell confronted her on the beach with his “with me or against me” ultimatum. Her fearless “Against you” back at him—plus playing the immunity card at tribal council—magically transforms her from the cranky cafeteria lady to the queen of cool.
This happened just as little dictator Russell lost his cool. “These girls are a bunch of unappreciative little bitches!” he said. Yes, his wife is a lucky woman.
The way the episode was tilting, you could tell the immunity challenge was everything. Interesting how Parvati wins a challenge when it involved keeping a pole up. Rupert couldn’t keep his pole up and therefore got his Tiki torch snuffed. I hate when that happens.
THE FINALE: The whole schlemiel ends Sunday. Why are there five left? Isn’t it a final four? Look for Coach to turn the jury thing into a yoga class. Colby goes next. Russell can’t win with this jury, and likely neither can Sandra. It’s down to the MILF and the Princess. Go Habs.

Denette Wilford (TV Guide Canada): “After Jerri won the reward challenge (the one that involves loved ones that have me reaching for tissues every time) and took Parvati and Sandra with her, Russell whispered to his wife: “She’s in trouble now.” Then continued to wah-wah to the guys back at camp. Who the hell does this guy think he is? King of the freakin’ jungle?” Read the rest of Wilford’s recap here.

Michael Bolen (The National Post): “Scenes about Rupert chopping wood into the wee hours of the morning could have been grudgingly forgiven even into midseason, but with the finale set for this Sunday night they seemed woefully out of place. The only thing more out of place was Colby. Surrounded by much more able players his continued existence is a testament to the strength of weakness in the endgame of Survivor.” Read the rest of Bolen’s recap here.

Kat Angus (Dose.ca): “If the editing were to be believed, Sandra was in real danger of going home this week. Her pre-tribal council spat with Russell indicated that she was on the chopping block and the only way she could be saved is if she used her hidden immunity idol. Yet when the votes were revealed, it was 4-2 against Rupert, which means that Russell changed his mind at some point that we didn’t get to see.” Follow the rest of Angus’ latest recap here.

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