There was Glee at Global Tuesday night as the relocated musical series drew 2,180,000 viewers for its second season premiere. Global’s strong night two of the new season continued with the season premiere of Canada bashing NCIS: Los Angeles (1,729,000 for the first hour and 1,373,000 for the second). At 5:30, 1,051,000 earthlings caught Dawna Friesen on Global National.
CTV scored with ABC import Dancing with the Stars, with an overnight, estimated 1,346,000 catching the dull first hour and nearly 2.1 million sticking around for the second hour when The Hoff was booted out. Criminal Minds drew over a million at 10, with the CTV National News pulling 1,144,000.
The Rick Mercer Report stormed back with 1,222,000 viewers, his strongest season opener ever. 22 Minutes at 8:30 rode the Mercer wave to 818,000. Being Erica, however, cut that in half with a BBM (Below Brampton Mark) of 409,000. CBC National News came in just under half a million at 10 and fell from there.

There was more joy on Monday as Queen Elizabeth in 3D scored on CBC, drawing nearly a million loyal subjects (or nearly two million eyeballs). If you missed the Doc Zone doc, you can catch it tonight at 10 p.m. on CBC News Network. The special features actual 3D footage of the coronation of QEII from 1953–the height of the original 3D film craze. British archivists are still searching for the follow up features Queen Elizabeth vs. The Creature from the Black Lagoon and Bwana Devil Meets Her Majesty.

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