Trust Jimmy Kimmel to get right to it. The late night talk show host always has the latest losers from Dancing with the Stars on Jimmy Kimmel Live the night after the elimination and he got right into it with Brandy and her dance partner Maksim Chmerovskiy. Did they get screwed out of the finals due to block voting by Tea Party supporters favouring Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol? You betcha. Host Michael Bergeron said on Tuesdays show the vote tally hit an all time record. The biggest injustice since The Tudors won the Best Canadian Drama Gemini.


  1. Host “Michael Bergeron”? I think you meant to say “Tom Bergeron” (also host of AFHV and former host of Hollywood Squares)
    (are just checking to see if we are paying attention? haha)

  2. Uh, yeah, I was just testing…don’t know what’s worse, that I made such a dumb mistake or that no one noticed for several days…

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