It was odd, as I tell Hamilton’s CHML radio dude Scott Thompson, to be sitting in Yellowknife earlier this week and watching Southern Ontario get hammered with snow. The TV at the Explorer Hotel was hooked up to satellite, and a CHCH channel was among the options. Things looked a hell of a lot more wintry in the GTA than they did in the NWT.

Not that there wasn’t snow in Yellowknife. The city of about 20,000 is covered in the white stuff, and Great Slave Lake was frozen to a thickness of at least 16 inches. Which was good since we drove all over it.
Even had a chance to drive down Ragged Ass Road, although forget looking for a street sign–it keeps getting stolen.
The temperature hovered around -22C while I was there, which seems warmer somehow when you’re dressed for it. I was in Yellowknife to hitch a ride with “Buffalo” Joe McBryan aboard one of his five super cool DC3s featured on Ice Pilots NWT. Thanks to the folks at Omni Films and especially Vancouver-based publicist Andrew Poon for a great time in Y-town. 
It was good to see my old pals Mikey McBryan and Scotty Blue (left) at the Buffalo Air terminal. You can watch their new adventures starting Jan. 12 at 8 p.m. on History. For Season One, check them out Friday nights on Global or grab an Ice Pilots NWT Season One DVD, just released this week in Canada.
Scott Thompson also asks me to explain the fascination with E! eye candy the Kardasians, who were guesting on Conan the other night. Had to admit I was stumped. We talk briefly about the Golden Globe nominations, which seemed about right. Plus I stand up for Don Cherry. You can listen in here.

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