PASADENA, CA–Since ABC took the day off, time for the stupidest TCA Tchochke of the Winter Tour Award. This year a winner can be declared early: the PR folks at something called FEARnet. They’re the geniuses who had the hotel staff put bloody bath mats in all the rooms here at the Langham.

Like there wasn’t enough actual violence on TV in the past week. “2001 is gonna be gruesome…” it says on the back of the bath matt, which is covered in bloody red footprints.
“FEARnet is expanding its footprint into living rooms across the country,” the tag says on the other side. I guess this channel shows slasher movies in gory high-definition.
Fortunately, neither the bath matt or the channel will be crossing the border.
Several years ago, the word “REDRUM” was written in blood on the mirrors on all the hotel guest rooms. That was to try and scare stories out of scribes about a Stephen King miniseries. HBO once handed out vials of blood for their True Blood launch.
Please, folks, booze and chocolates. No more gore.

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