This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson wanted my take on CTV’s Super Bowl broadcast. “Could we have seen any more promos for Flashpoint?” Scott asks. He also wondered about that half time show. We both agreed’s plastic Devo head was a nice touch.
The two of us also yak about the Super Bowl ads and why they’re so lame in Canada. Just more “five dollar foot long” and bank ads with those two geezers on the bench. I mean, 7.3 million Canadians watched this thing. Why doesn’t Chrysler Canada spend a few dollars and hire Russell Peters to spin around Brampton in a new Dodge Charger? It could have been our Eminem/Detroit ad.
We get into Stern slagging Leno on Letterman. Still Leno has the last laugh in the ratings. Some things just
can not be explained.

We talk a bit about the new shows starting this week. I didn’t mind the new ABC comedy Mr. Sunshine starring Matthew Perry. The pilot was a little forced, crammed with elephants and clowns (Perry plays the manager of a California ice arena), but you can forgive a show for trying too hard to be funny if it does indeed produce a few laughs.
A friend who wishes to remain anonymous took a dimmer view of Perry’s latest effort. “Mr. Sunshine resuscitates Chandler Bing and CJ Cregg – of two of television’s most annoying characters – so that they can walk among us, and play an undead version of themselves,” she writes.
The guest critic is especially un-fond of Allison Janey (The West Wing), who plays the owner of the arena where Perry’s character works: “The googly, unblinking Vincent Price/Marty Feldman eyes, and stone face return. The lower third of her face never moves. Great for comedy!”
There you go. Everyone’s a critic. You can listen in here.

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