Seems every fall is Cherry picking time. Will CBC fire Grapes? That is CHML Talk Radio host Scott Thompson’s question as we begin this week’s radio podcast. You can listen in here.
Seems a few former NHL enforcers are mad at Don for calling them “pukes.” Everybody take a deep breath. Cherry isn’t going anywhere. Who are they going to replace him with–Ashton Kutcher?

CBC was quick to distance themselves from Don Cherry’s recent Coach’s Corner outburst (issuing a statement that they do not share his opinion on headshots and fighting) but even quicker to put out a release boasting “Record Audiences Launch CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada Weekend Broadcasts.” Saturday night’s game between Toronto and Ottawa drew 2.359 million viewers.
CBC does not have much to crow about this fall so asking the biggest star of their biggest hit to leave at this point might lead to speculation that head injuries in hockey extend up to the CBC executive offices.

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  1. Cherry is NOT THE STAR, despite what all his little fanbois think. The Leafs are what made 2.4 million tune in last week, not the ramblings of an old buffoon who in no way represents what Canada is today (atleast not the 18-49 cohort which is all the advertisers really care about. 65+ doesn’t bring in the cash).

    Ever notice how CBC NEVER releases the viewers for the first intermission only. Why is that? Could it be that the “Cherry is a draw” line is a total lie just to keep his fanbois happy?

    I mean, why is it that nobody ever says 2.4 million watched Elliotte Friedman on Saturday?

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