Monday on Kimmel: a bizarre cartoon…

Toronto mayor Rob Ford will guest Monday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live with–wait for it–Gonzo from The Muppet Movie. I kid you not. Gonzo mayor meets Gonzo muppet.

I got the run down from Jimmy Kimmel Live executive producer Jason Schrift, who found a few minutes Sunday to take my questions after a long afternoon preparing for Sunday night’s post-Oscar Kimmel telecast.
Kimmel’s ABC playpen is directly across Hollywood Boulevard from the Dolby Theater where the Oscars take place. I could hear the crowd on the street oooing and awwing as I was speaking with Schrift.
Even though the show is called Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Oscar show is one of the few truly live shows of the year for Kimmel and company. Ford, says Schrift, is invited to the special and he’ll likely make a cameo on camera if for no other reason than to promote Monday’s show. 
…and Gonzo from The Muppet Movie
Schrift says Rob Ford, brother Doug and a couple other members of the mayor’s staff have been nothing but cooperative since arriving in Los Angeles Saturday night. 
Kimmel met them there with a chauffeur’s cap and a little home made sign reading “FORD JK Limos.” Also there was plenty of paparazzi and other reporters, including Tanya Kim from CTV’s eTalk.
The Toronto contingent are scheduled to make a quick exit and head back to Toronto after the Monday afternoon taping.
Plus here’s an earlier spin on the CP story, detailing my involvement in getting the whole Ford-Kimmel ball rolling back in November.

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