forbillGreetings, platform jumpers! You’re at the new home of TV Feeds My Family, shamelessly rebranded Brioux.TV. Looking for an easier way to navigate through the noisy world of content and clutter? Trying to get a handle on the North American TV industry? Or just wondering if there’s anything good on tonight? You’ve come to the right place.
After years writing about television for newspapers and magazines—where I still feed my family—I started blogging. That was in 2007. Two thousand, five-hundred and fifty six stories later, I’m starting to get the hang of it.
So it’s bye bye Blogspot, hello WordPress. This site has been completely redesigned and should load faster and run smoother. Plus there are many more features, including something I’ve always wanted–a quick shortcut to the weekly podcasts. There are also dedicated sections for ratings and reviews and room to add video links and other goodies.
I owe this timely media makeover to my crack (and I don’t mean that in the Rob Ford sense) design and engineering team of Katie Brioux and Mohamed Mostafa. They painstakingly transferred those 2,556 features and poured them all into these cool new pages. Hopefully they’ve come up with a look and a functionality that will make visiting here as easy as Googling “Upfront.”
One thing you’ll find much easier to leave are “Comments.” Please feel free to provide some feedback on the new look. Let us know if we’re on the right track and what else you’d like to see.
Thanks for the over two million page views so far and thanks especially for helping TV Feed My Family!


  1. Love the new fresh look, always check out your site daily. Will you be adding the other media links you had before? Nice job on the site!

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