As many TV executives have said to me over the years, “Great News!… We’re refreshing our brand!” Well, back ‘atcha. After nearly a dozen years, over 3500 posts and 3000 comments – not to mention four million views — you’re about to see some changes here at brioux.tv Together with breaking news, look for regular features

Philo fans (l-r) Moses Znaimer, Malcolm Baird, Phil Savenick and Farnsworth’s great grandson Jonathan Imagine if you could talk to the man who invented electronic television. The next best thing was possible Thursday night in Toronto, as the MZTV Museum of Television presented a wonderful event saluting Philo T. Farnsworth. The evening began with a

CANNES, France–I met a new Facebook friend at MIPCOM–Nicola Mendelsohn. She is Facebook’s Vice President EMEA and she delivered a “Media Mastermind Keynote” address Wednesday in the Palais’ Grand Auditorium. The main thrust of her comments is that “TV and Facebook are happy bedfellows.” She says social media activity peaks when TV viewing peaks, in

The old expression, “A picture’s worth a thousand words,” might also work as “…a thousand channels.” The TV landscape is changing so rapidly some of us who report on the medium have a hard time keeping up. Somebody who has captured the big picture is Leo Espinosa, an award winning illustrator and designer originally from Bogotá,

UPDATED CANNES, France–If you’ve never been to this gigantic international TV marketplace, but you grew up in Toronto, think of the Palais des Festivals as a mall-sized, multi-level Food Building at the CNE. Patrons are slightly better dressed but look just as spent. The offerings inside are about as warmed-over and suspect, but if you

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A hot tub full of talent from MTV UK’s Geordie Shore DUBLIN, Ireland–What can you see on TV in Ireland?Well, for starters, plenty of what you see in Canada, including dozens of American TV shows. Prime time here is chock full of U.S. fare such as NCIS (the most-watched TV show in the world), The

Sliced and diced CBC: turning up the heat “What we do with television in the next few decades, and what television does with us, will be one of the four or five chief factors in the shaping of the Canadian mind and soul.” A quote from the Toronto Star’s current “Network” blog? A pronouncement from