The-Shower-Secuoya-490x198CANNES, France–They do not celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in this French seaport of a town. At the circus that is MIPCOM, however, there are plenty of turkeys on display.

Here are a few actual shows or projects in development. Let the bidding wars begin:

‘”Fly on the Wall.” Sony has this little digital reality gem available for streaming. Participants have one minute to enter a small room and kill a fly. The victors get a thousand pounds for their trouble. No wagering.

“The Shower.” Contestants enter a glass shower stall on an American Idol-like stage. Three judges and an audience watch as they sing in the shower. If the vocals leave the audience cold, the audience controls the tempurature with an app and can freeze them out of the money. The best singers are rewarded with hot water. Three singers return to the stage dressed and ready to impress but two get doused with water. Tag line: “The Shower Must Go On!” From Spain, with Russian buyers already saying “Da!” to this.

“Prison Songs” An hour-long documentary exploring the musical stylings of Aboriginal prison inmates in Australia. Nothing to do with Johnny Cash.

“Star Under Hypnosis.” The great Messmer messes with celebrity heads by putting them under hypnosis. Stars are hypnotised and then wake up feeling they are being attacked by insects, speaking Chinese or are naked on live television. So like every other day for Miley Cyrus. From France’s TF1.


“Dolphins with the Stars.” La Competencia/Televisa is offering this chance to see dolphins and celebrities performing together. Will they get scale? I told that joke on porpoise.

“Canada’s Smartest Person.” Yes, the CBC reality show is being shopped around the world. Buyers keep dropping by the Electus International booth hoping to meet Canada’s smartest person. There’s some confusion, however, as the same company also distributes Dating Naked and King of the Nerds.


  1. Alicia O (Ally Oop) Reply

    Yuck. More reality crap. Except the Australian Aborignines one which shouldn’t be in this group as it’s at least a cultural interest show and at least has a beneficial purpose.

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