tumblr_ndiityaV3a1qcoz4do1_500CANNES, France–Here’s one I’ve been, uh, sitting on for a while.

Shaftesbury and their digital arm Smokebomb announced Thursday that they are launching a new vampire series called Camilla. The twist? It’s about a young woman, at college in a dorm, who happens to be a vampire…and it’s being sponsored by U By Kotex.

It certainly puts a new spin on the term “period drama.”

The press release says the series answers the question, “Does a vampire get a period”?

The 36 x four-minute digital series was shopped to prospective international buyers this week at MIPCOM. You can catch up with the show on the VervegirlTV YouTube channel.

Two new episodes arrive every week, not one a month as you might expect.


I’m just going to let the next six jokes go by and return you to regularly scheduled programming.


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