Picture 1This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson and I talk a lot about traffic and public transportation in LA compared to the GTA. (Bottom line: you can get around a lot easier down south).

When we finally get around to talking TV, we get to some highlights from the recent TCA press tour in Pasadena. I talk about meeting the star of the No. 1-rated weekly TV show in America the past four years: Al Michaels. The 70-year-old calls those Sunday Night Football games on NBC and will call next Sunday’s Super Bowl.

We also talk about Netflix, Amazon and other new platforms scaring the beejeezers out of the old network broadcasters. We talk about the decline of American Idol. We talk about how nobody wanted to talk about Bill Cosby at press tour–we talk a lot about that.

Scott also asks what was the best part of the winter TCA press event. You can listen in here.

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