IMG_7405[1]I have eleventy-million-billion hooks or so in my laundry room at home. For years now they’ve been filled with tote bags hauled across the border from TCA press tours. I have a zillion PBS bags and quite a few from networks that don’t even exist anymore, like CBC.

I’ve tried giving them away, even handed them out for Halloween one year, but every time I go to press tour, I get another 60 zillion. My parents’ house is insulated with a thick layer of these suckers.

That’s why I’m not at TCA this summer. I literally have too much baggage–so I’m sitting this one out.

Also a lot of the new shows this year are headlined by John Stamos and Don Johnson and Rob Lowe and The Muppets and, well, it just seems as if I was already at those press tours.

Also, this is the view from my office this summer:



The last few summers I’ve just hated giving up this view of Lake Huron in July and August. So this year, I’m not.

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