Scheduling is not always my strong point, so, yes, it took six months for me to finally get my ass down to Etobicoke and be a guest on Mike Boon’s very popular Toronto Mike Podcast. Do the dishes, turn off your mobile devices and get settled in for a two hour-plus conversation about Etobicoke, Michael Power-St. Josephs, TV Guide, The Toronto Sun, The Canadian Press and just generally all things television. You can listen in here.

Boon is, like myself, a graduate of both Michael Power High School and St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto. We’re both west end lads and long-suffering Leafs fans.

He’s a fair bit younger, however, being among the last graduating class at Power before they left the confines of their mid-Etobicoke campus for the wilds of Centennial Park. My tenure was almost two decades earlier.

Mike points out early in our chat that it only took the new play-by-play voice of the Toronto Blue Jays, Dan Shulman, a week to get into Mike’s handy home studio. Gord Stelleck and Michael Hainsworth are other recent guests, with Ralph Benmergui, Jay Onrait and Ann Rohmer all in the wings.

I’m Mike’s 327th podcast guest and honoured to be among such previous Toronto-based media types as Ron MacLean, George Stroumboulopoulos, Roger Ashby, Stephen Brunt, Maureen Holloway, Brian Williams, Erin Davis, Ron James, Humble & Fred, Ed the Sock and many, many others. His persistence in the podcast game has drawn real sponsors, including Great Lakes Brewery (which reminds me — thanks for the six pack).

Mike is a well prepared host and cue’d up plenty for us to talk about, including our favourite all-time shows, a look back at Night Court and the late Harry Anderson and a shout out to our mutual friend and fellow Power grad Joe Cini (the goalie on Valley’s Hawks, the teacher team I play for in the Louie League). There’s also a critique of my all-time favourite song. Spoiler alert: it’s not a Beatles’ tune!


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