Despite not having a host, Sunday night’s 91st Academy Awards went off without a hitch, honouring the year’s best in the film industry. Joining us to talk about this year’s festivities is TV and film critic Bill Brioux.

Posted by CTV News Channel on Monday, February 25, 2019

I spoke Monday with CTV News Channel midday anchor Marcia MacMillan about Sunday’s Oscar broadcast. As you can see from the above video, I generally gave the show a positive review, and can see the Academy going with a hostless event again next year. Did anybody really miss watching a busload of tourists wander into the Dolby Theatre, or seeing a jet ski awarded at the end of the show?

Viewers seemed to embrace the hostless format. According to ABC, the U.S. audience rebounded after a drastic, five-year slide. The awards show climbed to 29.6 million viewers in same day viewing, up from the all-time low of 26.54 million the year before but still the second lowest total ever recorded.

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