OK, I admit it — I was never a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation. These space pyjama soaps are just not my jam.

Year later, however, Patrick Stewart did this rude little cable show called Blunt Talk. It was silly and vulgar and outrageously funny. Stewart had the time of his life doing it, as he told me during a memorable phone interview a few years ago. The man, now 79, is charming, witty and, yes, engaging.

So I’m rooting for this new Star Trek: Picard to succeed, even though the California Film Commission stole the show from Toronto. They ponied up $15.6 million in tax credits to lure the CBS All Access series to Los Angeles. Toronto is where Star Trek: Discovery shoots and where a new CBS Studio is under construction. It’s like how the Clippers stole Kawhi Leonard from Canada.

This trailer, above, boldly went out to the fan universe earlier this week. It looks like they’re getting the old band back together, although Toronto-born Allison Pill is also part of the new cast. There will be 10 first season episodes, with a stardate launch set for early 2020. Make it so!

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