Enough typing already. Time to talk the talk with the launch of our latest regular feature: briouxTV: The Podcast. Click on the arrow above and listen in as Air Farce founder Don Ferguson shares almost an hour’s worth of wit and wisdom.

The idea behind launching this podcast is to host conversations about Canada’s place in this ever-changing, borderless business of television — and sneak in a few jokes, jabs and original stories along the way.

Don is the perfect person to help launch this venture. He’s smart, funny and a seasoned storyteller. As executive producer of the annual Air Farce specials, he’s also weathered the slings and arrows of the Canadian TV industry. He’s living proof that dreams can happen here, and in ways that are long-lasting and rewarding both creatively and commercially.

That he’s also one of the good guys — as was the late, great, fellow Farce founder Roger Abbott — makes me feel doubly grateful to feature him here in this way.

Don has plenty to say about the final CBC Air Farce New Year’s Eve special, airing not on New Year’s Eve this December but a day earlier — Monday, Dec. 30 at 8/7c on CBC. The public broadcaster slashed the budget, took away the troupe’s live, studio audience (for the first time ever) and moved their highest-rated annual special to a day where many viewers are less likely to find it. O Canada!

Ferguson (centre) flanked by Fred Patterson and “Humble” Howard Glassman

As for this podcast, I’m grateful to have been offered the Humble & Fred Radio studio facilities in Toronto’s west end as a recording base. Special thanks to pals Howard Glassman and Fred Paterson for extending the friends and family rate.


Many thanks as well to Phil Hong, a savvy and seasoned podcast producer who is keeping everything you hear on the levels and launching it all into the RSS-stratosphere. Graphic designer Katie Brioux lends her professional touch by rendering the brioux.tv look and logo. Thanks also to my partner Sandra Puglielli for valuable start-up notes, creative suggestions and many delicious desk snacks.

Sponsoring a brand new venture takes a leap of faith. Special thanks to David Kines and the folks behind Hollywood Suite (still in free preview!) for taking that leap and helping Briouxtv: The Podcast get up and running. Remember, you can see a month’s worth of their movies, in Hi-def and uncut, for what it costs to buy one coffee at those fancy coffee places. (I don’t want to say which ones in case they might want to eventually become a sponsor too.)

As for future guests, happy to report a number of other splendid storytellers have already agreed to get podded. Canadian Screen Award winner Enrico Colantoni (Veronica Mars, Flashpoint) will be in studio in early January. Former New York Times TV columnist, author and CNN commentator Bill Carter has news about an exciting documentary venture he’s shooting in Canada. I’m also looking forward to chatting with top Canadian producer Christina Jennings (Murdoch Mysteries, Hudson & Rex) as well as industry legend Nicolas Campbell (Coroner, Da Vinci’s Inquest).

In the meantime, please enjoy the inaugural podcast with the Don of Canadian television, and, as they say in the podcast biz, please click subscribe!

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