David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes. Photo: Erik Voake/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

UPDATE: Follow this link to fresh intel on the fate of SEAL Team in Canada.

Attention, grunts: SEAL Team, the CBS military drama now in its fifth season, has orders to ship out of Global stat. After Sunday’s episode, David Boreanaz, Irish-Canadian actor A. J. Buckley (Pure) and company have orders to abandon the Global TV schedule and follow CBS’s lead by switching instead to Paramount+.

And yes, former Toronto Sun colleague Cal, this means you gotta subscribe to the streaming service in Canada if you want to continue watching new episodes of the series.

This is a permanent move. Paramount+ will stream the 5th epsode of the season immediately following Sunday’s West Coast broadcast of episode four, “Need to Know,” this Sunday night at 10 pm on CBS and Global.

Sunday’s episode is part one of a three-episode arc which finds the special SEAL Team forces on a sudden mission to Africa as they attempt to prevent a terrorist attack.

Former real-life Navy SEAL Rudy Boesch from Survivor would never have let this happen, but there it is. ‘Nuff said.



  1. Alan Preston Reply

    Unfortunately you are incredibly wrong about how Canadians can watch Season episode 5 and beyond. Paramount Plus gives no access to Canadians. There’s no timetable for them to get it to us. They have lost me and many other subscribers because of this.

    • Bill Brioux Reply

      You’re right and apologies Alan. I got bad information from Paramount+ and Global. Looking into this further.

      • Unfortunately this show is not available on P+ in Canada. Season 5 episode 5 was available last week but it has now been deleted by P+ and no further episodes will be shown due to a licensing issue with Global. I guess the only question is when will season be available on dvd?

    • It is awful that we can’t access these shows. Canadians have been a huge fan base for them.

  2. Re: Seal Team Season 5, episode 5 onward…..I have contacted Global twice on the matter, previous to episode 4 & post, to understand their plan. I have heard no reply…. Poor customer service. Global get this sorted out with CBS/Paramount+!

  3. Dan Jeffery Reply

    Glad I was able see episode 5 while it was on for that short time, F bombs and all. Really annoyed that we are shut out now though.

  4. Cathy A Thornton Reply

    Very upset that we cannot view Season 5 here in Canada. I have been a loyal viewer from the Beginning !!!!!

    • Donna Butler Reply

      Never heard of this before. Every veteran i know loved this programme. How the heck dare you

    • Harry Hopkinson Reply

      Is there any update on when Seal Team will be available in Canada?

  5. I am hoping that once season five is no long available on demand (Global) that it will show up on paramount plus Canada. Wishful thinking I know.

  6. I’ve been watching this series since the beginning and am now very disappointed it is no longer available to us. It was removed from the ROGERS “On Demand” and we can only see past episodes on some channels. So season 5 series is gone. Another way to get people to pay additional for watching programs. It also infuriates me that we have so much commercials during a TV show, which comes to about 18 minutes of repeated commercials during a one hour program. Makes me consider getting rid of TV with my ROGERS service provider.

  7. We have be faithful watchers of Seal Team from the beginning. Now, after 2 weeks of flipping Chanel’s on Sundays and Mondays, we find out that we can’t watch it in Canada? So very, very disappointed! Thanks a lot Global! Come on Paramount! We don’t want to be left out! Give us the shows we enjoy!

    • Yes, we love this show in Canada! When will Season 5 continue to be available?

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