Big Brother Canada returned for a 10th season the week of February 28 to March 6. Just over a million viewers watched, which is significant, but it only ranked 24th out of the Top-30 shows watched that week in English Canada — behind Ghosts and The Cleaning Lady.

Looking specifically at Toronto-Hamilton, the reality show slipped down to the 30th spot. In Vancouver-Victoria, where Global is the more dominant network, the series failed to crack the Top-30.

Did the pandemic years stall momentum for the series? Season 8 was shut down early after the initial COVID-19 outbreaks, with no winner declared. Ratings dipped last year in Season 9.

The series is still relatively new compared to other broadcast network shows on the English Canada Top-10, including NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy and The Amazing Race. Here’s how the Top-10 ranked in terms of average minute audience as calculated by Numeris (all ages 2+):

  1. 9-1-1: Lone Star (CTV) Mon 2,007,000
  2. Blue Bloods (CTV) Fri 1,665,000
  3. The Good Doctor (CTV) Mon 1,663,000
  4. CTV Evening News (CTV) MTWTF 1,502,000
  5. The Rookie (CTV) Sun 1,458,000
  6. NCIS (Global) Mon 1,445,000
  7. Grey’s Anatomy (CTV) Thurs 1,388,000
  8. The Amazing Race (CTV) Wed 1,341,000
  9. Station 19 (CTV) Thurs 1,285,000
  10. NCIS: Hawai’i (Global) Mon 1,276,000

Most-watched Canadian scripted original, once again, was CTV’s Transplant at No. 17 with 1,115,000 viewers. Transplant ranked 11th in Toronto-Hamilton, where Murdoch Mysteries also charted at No. 21.

Tops in sports nationally was Hockey Night in Canada‘s prime East NHL game on Sportsnet National at No. 14 with 1,214,000 viewers. The same Leafs game, a 1-0 shootout loss to the LA Kings, tied for No. 2 in Toronto-Hamilton, where three hockey games made the Top-12.


In specialty, The Curse of Oak Island drew 1,068,000 viewers to History. All three of the Dick Wolf-produced Chicago procedural imports charted nationally for Citytv: Fire (No. 15 with 1,173,000 viewers); Meds (27/994,000) and PD (30/963,000).

In francophone Quebec, one-two, as usual, was District 31 (1,648,000) and Star académie 2022 (1,595,000).

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