It is tempting to simply list, every week, ten guesses as to what will be the most-watched shows in English Canada. It is a very predictable, and older-skewing list of American simulcasts and one news program.. The shows listed are almost all devoid of any buzz. This is a mom and pop list for people who have not yet subscribed to any streaming platforms.

Still, it is all Numeris provides, based on estimates drawn from outdated data samples. Here, for what it is worth, is the March 7 to March 13, 2022 Top-10, all viewers ages 2+, based on average minute audiences. Say it with me:

  1. 9-1-1: Lone Star (CTV) Mon 1,789,000
  2. The Good Doctor (CTV) Mon 1,673,000
  3. Blue Bloods (CTV) Fri 1,651,000
  4. Survivor (Global) Wed 1,585,000
  5. CTV Evening News (CTV) MTWTF 1,460,000
  6. FBI (Global) Tues 1,453,000
  7. Station 19 (CTV) Thurs 1,422,000
  8. The Rookie (CTV) Sun 1,416,000
  9. NCIS: Hawai’i (Global) Mon 1,400,000
  10. Grey’s Anatomy (CTV) Thurs 1,348,000

As can be seen, Survivor shot back up into the Top-5 for an umpteenth season on Global. What else made the national Top 30? An NHL Leafs game skated to a 15th place finish on Sportsnet National with 1,235,000 viewers. The same game was No. 1 in the Toronto-Hamilton market the same week with 519,000 GTA viewers. There were three Leafs games in the Toronto-Hamilton Top-10.

In its second week of Season Ten, no episodes of Big Brother Canada made the English Canada Top-30 or the Toronto-Hamilton Top-30. The Monday episode barely made the Vancouver list at No. 27 with 83,000 viewers.

The Masked Singer returned to CTV that Wednesday night, ranking 17th with 1,217,000 estimated witnesses. Citytv’s highest ranking entry, their simulcast of Chicago Fire, came in at No. 18 with 1,150,000 viewers.

The top Canadian scripted for the week was CTV’s steady entry Transplant, No. 19 with 1,093,000 on a Tuesday night. No other scripted originally made the English national Top-30. In Toronto-Hamilton, Transplant ranked 18 and CBC stalwart Murdoch Mysteries ranked 30th.


Saturday Night Live, hosted that week by Zoie Kravitz, sank to 30th place on the English Canada chart with 943,000 late night viewers. The same comedy showcase ranked 12th overall on Toronto-Hamilton.

New series The Thing About Pam, a NBC simulcast starring Renee Zellweger, drew 1,055,000 on Global Tuesday night. Don’t look for it to rank higher in following weeks.

Tops in francophone Quebec (again, say it with me): SRC’s District 31 with 1,628,000 viewers. No. 2 was Star académie 2022 with 1,628,000 watching on TVA.

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