Part II in our series, “Battle of the Network Stars: Executives Division,” features Daniel Eves, Senior Vice President, Broadcast Networks, Corus Entertainment.

Eves helped guide the network to a breakthrough last fall when Global became Canada’s No. 1 draw in Core Prime (8 p.m. to 11 p.m.). While CTV still won the full, Fall/Winter/Spring season, Global’s September through December run was their first fall victory in 20 years.

Eves took an unusual route to programming. He studied film at Waterloo (“I don’t think they even offer it there anymore,” he says), interned at Alliance/Atlantis and started working for Showcase.

“I started to realize that there was this whole other world where I can pick shows and buy shows and manage a schedule, and bring content to people overall,” he says. “I abandoned everything else I ever thought of and said that just seems like the thing I want to do.”

On the podcast, Eves talks about the amazing resurgence of Survivor, which, in it’s 42nd season, became the most-watched series last season in Canadian broadcast television.

Eves sees the series as a sports league based on personalities. “You bring in a group of people, you see how they interact, you see strategy and all the things you love about people in a drama… There just happens to be a new team every season.”


Listen in as Eves talks Hollywood screenings, Upfronts, streaming and even shares his pick for all-time favourite TV theme song. Just click on the big blue and white arrow above to listen to the episode.

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