Have you seen the ad where John Krasinski from The Office and Jack Ryan is dancing on a boat to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”?

The ad was shot on Innisfil Beach in Lake Simcoe, Ont., on June 11. Thr ad agency Publicis created the spot. Toronto’s Circle Productions shot the ad for Rogers, who are promoting their 5G mobile network technology. It must have cost a lot more than 5G’s to make.

Locals gawked as a Krasinski look-a-like handled boating chores on some of the arial drone shots, but that is Krasinski in the spot. The actor also wrote ansd directed “IF,” a recent fantasy feature about imaginary friends which stars Ryan Reynolds.

Rogers, by the way, is the presenting sponsor of Taylor Swift – The Eras Tour in Canada. Shows are scheduled for Toronto and Vancouver this fall. You’ll need 5Gs if you want tickets.

The communications and media company has made other waves of late. They spent many G’s signing a long-term deal with Comcast to bring the Xfinity brand to Canada. They also rocked a few boats in aggressive deals with Warner Bros. Discovery and NBC Universal, expanding their specialty channel holdings. Those deals involve importing HGTV, The Food Network, Bravo, Discovery and others under the Rogers’ tent.



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