16mm film


Did you know Sammy Davis Jr. could not land a special on a U.S. network TV schedule in the late ’50s — so he made one in Canada instead? That’s just one of the things I learned Monday from my pal Stan Taffel, 16mm film collector extraordinaire. Taffel is the president of Cinecon, an annual Los

“Where else would you find a room full of men who want to have sex with dead actresses?” The late Phil Serling said it. He was talking about an event he helped create and run, Cinefest, a celebration of early–and obscure–silent and sound cinema. Cinefest always was an eccentric event populated by eccentric people. Held each

Michelle Lomack (far right) and her Rogers’ PR players Tonight is Halloween, but it was Rogers shelling out last night at their cool and comfy in-house Toronto screening room, the Velma Rogers Theatre. That’s where the inaugural TV on Film Project was launched, and many thanks to the folks who braved the elements to come

Thanks to artist in the family Katie Brioux for the logo, above Welcome to TV on Film, a website that grew out of a 16mm film collection. As friends and readers of TV Feeds My Family may know, I’ve been collecting 16mm films for years. Sixteen millimeter is those large reels that, way back in