Thanks to all who came out to the TV on Film “Retro-‘Toon Party” Saturday at The Westdale in Hamilton, Ont. Thanks as well to neighbour Doug Urban who snapped this hilarous photo of me on stage, Newton-like, as Hercules looked down from Mount Olympus.

The largest gathering yet at these Westdale TV on Film screenings saw a collection of rare TV ‘toons from the 1960s, all projected onto the big screen from my collection of 16mm prints.

Apologies for not showing, as promised, an episode of the excrusiatingly bad ’60s kiddie-show curiosity Diver Dan. I have two episodes from this series, which was made in 1961. One hundred and twenty, five-minute episodes were cranked out showing a guy in a deep sea diving suit walking around a Philadephia soundstage while being photographed through an aquarium.

Having just moved and stil unpacking boxes, I could not find Diver Dan. As the old, “How do you circumsize a whale” joke goes, I should have sent down four skin divers.

I will make up for this on Wednesday, April 10 at 1 p.m., when I’ll be showing Diver Dan plus a collection of vintage sports films on 16mm at The Westdale. Among them will be proof that The Toronto Maple Leafs did, once upon a time, actually win Stanley Cups. They won, in fact, four in the ’60s, including their most recent victory 57 yeard ago during the Centennial year of 1967. I have a reel of highlights from that triumph over the Montreal Canadiens, feauturing stars such as Dave Keon, Frank Maholavich, Ron Ellis, Tim Horton, Johnny Bower, Jim Pappin, Bobby Baun and captain George Armstrong.

Other sport reels will include highlights of the epic, 1973, “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. Big name stars will also be shown in their prime, including Muhammad Ali, NFL footage featuring Joe Namath, O.J. Simpson and Gayle Sayers. Look for skiiing thrills from Jean Claude Kiley and golfing greats such as Arnold Palmer and Jack Nichlaus. Plenty of sports commentors as well, including Howard Cosell and Jack Whitaker.


There will also be scenes from the ABC curiosity from ther ’70s, Battle of the Network Stars. Plus the usuall assortment of TV Trivia questions and prizes. Hope to see you April 10 at The Westdale.

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