BUENOS AIRES, Argentina–It takes two to Tango, and sometimes more as I learned while embedded with The Amazing Race Canada. In this season’s third episode which aired Wednesday and repeats Saturday on CTV, teams scrambled from Chile to Buenos Aires. While the weather was cooperatively mild, it was a long, grueling day for the racers on

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! If you missed last night’s third episode of The Amazing Race Canada, you missed one of the most exciting finishes yet. I was there in Buenos Aires, Argentina, last May, embedded with the cast and crew when the episode was shot. I’ve often wondered how “cooked” these finish line segments can get,

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA–Hola! Some quick first impressions of Buenos Aires after an exhausting walkabout, This expansive South American city struck me as very New York circa early ’70s mixed with LA palms and European cobblestones–like a giant Mad Men set. You think the Gardner crawls with all that bridge work in Toronto, try Beunos Aires traffic.