Battle of the Blades


Got the heads up a few weeks ago that CBC was going to make good on their promise to bring back Battle of the Blades. CBC made it official Wednesday, announcing 21 returning daytime and prime time shows will be part of their 2013-14 schedule.Blades is back after a one-year hiatus but will return in

For somebody who should have looked like they’d been run over by a news truck, Kirstine Stewart was still on her feet at Thursdays’ TV Day symposium in Toronto.There she was on the “TV Leaders” panel, the only women among the Boy’s Club of private network broadcasters. Didn’t even get introduced by the moderator.That morning,

John Brunton says he’s “had better days” after Thursday’s CBC bombshell With all the hits hockey has taken lately, one yesterday sent TV producer John Brunton reeling. CBC dropped a bombshell Thursday by announcing that Battle of the Blades would not be part of its 2012-13 season. “I’ve had better days in my career,” says

I figure what the CBC could use these days is a few more unpaid consultants. There are some tough decisions ahead as the public broadcaster deals a $115 million reduction in their parliamentary appropriation. Network officials have dropped several hints as to where they are going in advance of their May 10 2012-13 season launch

Scott Thompson at CHML thinks it is hilarious that I tried figure skating on Battle of the Blades. As Scott says, I look like Linus being pulled around by my blanket. Hey, I’ll try anything once, especially if Marie-France Dubreuil is coaching. You can listen in on the radio conversation here, and you can watch

Here is the video of my fun skate Friday with Battle of the Blades finalist Marie-France Dubreuil. The stunt took place at Toronto’s Mastercard Centre. Thanks to the elegant, Dubreuil, her game Blades partner Bryan Berard and choreographer Michael Seibert for their on-ice coaching during the session. That kooky sideways shot is courtesy of Berard,

News that Wade Belak was found dead in as Toronto hotel room came as a total shock to those close to him at CBC’s Battle of the Blades.The former NHL enforcer and one time Toronto Maple Leaf was an early recruit for the third season of the CBC reality series. Blades, which is set to