Battle of the Blades


A lot has changed in the half century since The Brady Bunch was one of the new fall shows of 1969. Or has it? Despite Netflix and what looks to be about a dozen other streaming services constantly spitting out content, September is still the month when old shows return and new ones try to

Blades battlers Shae Lynn Bourne and Anson Carter Remember the CBC? The Canadian public broadcaster has coasted along with reruns since around the time the Leafs were eliminated from the Stanley Cup. No network can afford to take the summer off anymore but that’s exactly what CBC did.  With the surprise exit of former programming

What happened to Sundays? Zombies stole our shows!Instead of juicy network dramas like Desperate Housewives, the night is now mostly comprised of reality shows and cartoons. The Amazing Race is still dominant at 8 on CTV, and The Simpsons still draws in the demos on Global after nearly a quarter of a century, but it