It takes about ten days to get final broadcast TV numbers. We won’t know until Tuesday, May 29, therefore, how many viewers watched the Toronto Maple Leafs get eliminated Saturday night by the Tampa Bay Lightning in their seven-game opening round series. What we can predict, however, is that the audience was somewhere between three

In the last few days, I’ve done ten radio interviews all about one topic: the sudden stock dump at Netflix. The one-day dip of around 35 per cent wiped out an estimated US$50 billion in valuation. It was triggered by a quarterly report that showed that, for the first time in its eleven-year history, subscriptions

That heartbreaking women’s figure skating final may be the worst moment of Olympic competition on television I’ve ever witnessed. The horror of it is is that ratings probably went up. Even IOC president Thomas Bach was quoted on Friday saying it had been “chilling” to witness 15-year-old Russian skater Kamila Valieva fold under pressure during

These are transitional times in the broadcasting business. Things can get very bottom line quickly when ad revenues bottom out. I get it, therefore, when releases are sent signaling the end of an association with a broadcaster who has enjoyed a nice, long career. What I don’t get, lately, is that these folks don’t get